Wmr History

Wmr History
  • I had no choice. My father ran a mortgage bank in Mexico City when the American mortgage industry was nationalized by the US Government on the first Tuesday in February of 2009.After my dad lost his job, my father returned to the United States to earn his Graduate Work at Texas A&M (Commerce), and my dad ran around in circles trying to get a part time job to help my mother meet the family expenses. My mother, on the other hand, was working a part time job, and she assigned me the responsibility to read every employment announcement displayed in Craigslist, Monster, Beyond, Zip Recruiter, Back Page. So I could post my dad’s resume for a part time job, or any job in that matter.

    I was responding to a hundred Craigslist employment ads just in the surrounding cities around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. I knew I could do better, but how could I make the companies respond to my dad’s resume? And how could I keep track of all the jobs that I was posting and applying in behalf of my father?

    I walked to school many days thinking to myself and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was twelve years old at that time, and I was fully able to communicate in the languages of Spanish and English in perfection. I could speak better Spanish than my secondary teacher and tutor. I am good in math and science, but I could not help my dad in getting a job interview using the internet. I know I am smart, but being smart is no longer needed in the new digital economy: A digital economy that forces its citizens to learn a relational database software code at an early age. And what was needed was a plan of action and luck! Consequently, I decided to write a basic flow chart on how I could help my dad in getting a job interview. I needed new shoes, clothing, and a backpack. So I had no choice but to write a basic Visio flow chart to make me more efficient in applying for jobs on the World Wide Web.

    I showed my dad the flow chart, and my dad stole my idea and presented the idea as his master’s project at school. Soon after, my dad’s Grad school best friend bought me a laptop during the Thanksgiving sales, and he gave me access to his home server secretly. And my dad’s best friend, my mother, and I were writing relational database software scripts using open source technologies to code the front end webpage (Java, HTML) to the back end data base (Oracle, SQL). Subsequently, I was mapping the front end website to the back end data base that we connected using simple Toad scripts. Afterwards, we devoted many days and nights in a small room helping guide the programming of the concept- until my dad finally caught us one night programming during a very cold night because we had the garage door open. But it was too late, we finally had our deliverable. We created the solution. My dad was shock to see that I took my flowchart, and our data mining idea on the internet as the software was seeking for jobs: While posting and applying for the jobs at the same time. My dad even called the program the Employment Black Hole Terminator, but because I created the idea, I named my flowchart: Webmyresume.

    My company goals are my family morals, ethics and ideas: To find a job for every person that is looking for a full time job or even a part-time job. A job is a necessity for the soul and mind of the person and the family, and age, demographics, religion, gender, and sexual orientation should not matter because a family is the back bone of America. As oxygen and water provide the necessary resources to the human body to survive, jobs provide the same function to our community, and webmyresume helps our global citizens look for jobs. And I am glad I helped create www.webmyresume, and maybe this concept will help your family get through the Great Recession and its after math affects: The currently macro economical symptoms that are still proceeding.

    I wrote the above with no help from my dad and his geek friends. I have no political bias, but just anger towards the people that implemented the laws that started and imploded the financial meltdown and made me suffer during the Great Recession and its aftermath. No child or person should suffer, and this is why I created www.webmyresume.com with my dad: For the benefit of all! Because we are all one society, and we all need the opportunity to create our opportunities and to find our jobs.

    AB Goldberg-Martinez

    Sunday, July 24, 2011