WMR Difference

WMR Difference

WebMyResume is not a typical employment posting site; it is far more. Generally, an employment site will receive a large upfront fee from the hiring company to feed it with prospective candidates to fill an open job position.  The true purpose of the typical employment site is not to find you a job, but, rather feed blue-chip companies with as many job-seeking candidates as possible. It is for this very reason that you will see on such sites the titles of advertised job positions being constantly modified with the duties for such positions remaining the same. In other words, the traditional employment site is essentially a black hole for most job seekers.

WebMyResume empowers its subscribers to avoid this black hole and to submit resumes to those employers whose posted job positions most closely matched to his or her skill set, work experience and educational background.

WebMyResume proprietary technology will quickly, efficiently and seamlessly respond to those job postings and supply copies of your personalized cover letter, resume and other documentation you desire to provide to prospective employers. In the case where the job posting requests a job seeker to submit additional information, WebMyResume technologies will read the ad and automatically supply such information (provided the subscriber has supplied it in his or her profile).

For those job postings that require a prospective candidate to register, create a profile and/or upload a resume, cover letter, transcripts and other documents, the WebMyResume program and proprietary technology can, and will, do just that.  The technology works with Career Employment Websites and Profile Input Employment Depositories as well as with job positions posted by company hiring managers.

Our technology works 24/7. We reply to every job ad appearing on more than 5,000 employment sites located on the World Wide Web and continuously work on behalf of our subscribers until they get hired.

So, if you are tired of spending hours completing on-line job applications and getting no results, WebMyResume is your best option.

We cannot guarantee you with a job, but, we can give you a competitive edge over other job seeks and greatly increase your chance of success while dramatically reducing the time, stress, and mental and physical energy you would otherwise spend in a job search.

Try a monthly subscription. We believe that you won’t be sorry.