What We Are

What We Are

WebMyResume (“WMR”) is a data distribution company that can help you distribute your profile, resume and academic records on the Internet. WMR has developed a proprietary technology model that finds and reads the employment posts a job seeker can find on the internet, but far more quickly than such a person could do through his or her own efforts. WMR then matches the profiles of job seekers to those employment opportunities through use of its statistical algorithm, and webmyresume finally sends the job seeker’s information (resume and or cover letter) to the best matching job opportunities.

While one may be able to apply for only a few jobs during a single day, WMR can forward a job seeker’s resume, academic record, and employment profile to matching job opportunities found on approximately five thousand (5000) job sites in a single day and respond to all e-mail employment depositories’ postings in every city of every state 24/7 on a live basis. In addition, after the initial posting of a job seeker’s resume to previous and current employment advertisements, WMR will search daily for new job postings across the internet, covering those same 5,000 or so job sites in such a search.  Through use of its proprietary program algorithms, WMR can continuously repeat the process until the job seeker finds a job.

After locating prospective employment postings, the WMR program will custom tailor replies on behalf of its subscribing job seeker to those postings that appear be a statistical match greater than 95%. In providing custom tailored service to subscribers, WMR will reply to every job posting as if it were the job seeker via an e-mail or submission of an online applications online, attaching the job seeker’s resume, cover letter, college transcripts and any other required or desired information.  Prospective employers will NOT know that WMR is responding on behalf of its subscribers to the job posting.  Since the WMR data center is sending information provided by the subscriber with the permission of such subscriber, the process is entirely legal (as it is analogous to the scenario where an employment recruiter sends a physical resume to a company).

WMR does not blindly send out subscriber information.  By way of illustration, consider the following scenario. Sometimes a hiring manager will change the “@” sign to alpha words “at” and manipulate the “.com” to “dot com” or add additional data manipulations or special instructions in the help wanted ad to eliminate automation technologies from responding to the employment solicitation. Under WMR’s business model, this practice on the part of prospective employers is referred to as a data manipulation error.

Such data manipulation is reflected on 99.7300204% of all errors collected by our data center, and it will be rejected by the WMR job search program for automatic response. Instead, the rejected job posting will be reviewed by WMR’s team of data entry analysts who will (1) manually copy, paste and attach the job seeker’s resume, cover letter, and profile, and (2) personally input the data for the subscriber before forwarding the profile to the prospective employer making the post. In addition to such responses, our data entry team will input the job seeker’s profile to over 5,000 career employment websites.  This is a daily process that is repeated until the subscriber gets a job.

The cost of WMR’s service is sixty-six cents ($0.66 USD) per day for the basic package or $19.99 Dollars per month for the expanded package. Regardless of which package selected, you will save time, increase your ability to reach out to a lot more companies which are hiring. Best of all, you can eliminate the time you spend searching for jobs at far fewer than the 5,000 sites covered by WMR, not to mention the time ill spent in responding to posts which appear open, but in fact, have gone stale. All you have to do is answer the incoming calls.

There is a saying: “It is not what you know, but, rather who you know.”

And, it is all about the numbers: your odds of getting a job increase in proportion to the number of hiring managers who in a timely manner receive and review your resume.

WMR is here to help you increase the odds in your favor. Try our services; we will lead you to that job interview you seek.