Welcome to 2$ Package

Welcome to 2$ Package
  •  One American  Metropolitan Area for 30 days
  •  One Resume
  •  Resume distribution to Profile input Employment Depositories
  •  Resume distribution to E-mail Employment Depositories
  •  Resume distribution to Career Employment Websites

The Two dollar plan was formed to help job seekers & students test how effective WebMyResume can be. This plan will let the job seeker observe how many contacts can be made quickly in a very short period of time. This $2.00 plan will be limited to one resume sent to a specific metropolitan area for 30 days instead of multiple metropolitan areas for a month like our other packages.

The Two Dollar Package is an opportunity for the job seeker to see what can be provided by WebMyResume.  We challenge you to try it and see if you like the results. The $2.00 is non-refundable, but it is worth the risk.  WebMyResume believes that it will match your profile to more jobs and send your resume to more jobs than you can during the same time period.  Try it and find out for sure!

You, the job seeker, can pick any one metropolitan area from the United States and chose one profile and resume for that metropolitan area.  WebMyResume will do the rest: Locate the employment ads and distribute your profile and resume. The monthly premium can be paid with a credit card, debit card, or with a checking account.

The Two Dollar Package gives the job seeker the opportunity to review the web portal at any time of the day on a 24 hour basis for 30 days on a self- serve basis. The web portal will report to the job seeker the exact time, employment post, and company to which the job seeker resume and other documents (if provided) were sent.  The exact time of the contact will be provided along with the link to the employment post which will help the job seeker research that job post should the company contact the job seeker for a phone interview and/or a face to face follow up interview.

Additionally, the web portal will report if the employment ad was posted by a company, a temporary agency, or a hiring broker. This information gives the job seeker the flexibility to be ready if the employer makes the contact.  Further, the WebMyResume portal will have the companies’ website in which WebMyResume manually placed the job seekers profile, resume, and special documents along with the job numbers or postings that the profile was manually sent. This function will help the job seeker by placing his/her profile in every job that the job seeker is qualified for, and the final aspect of the Two Dollar Package is the ability of the job seeker to web his resume and profile to all the job opportunities the job seeker qualifies for in one metropolitan area for 30 days.

It stands to reason that the more employment job ads that the job seeker can submit, the better the probabilities that the job seeker will land a job.

If you, the job seeker, accept the WebMyResume challenge for $2.00 and find that WebMyResume is beating your efforts at finding and applying for jobs way over and above your expectations, then you should upgrade to one of our monthly packages and watch your job application experience take off like a rocket sled on rails.

30 Days
$2.00 – Non-refundable if given 15 jobs posts