The Gold Package

The Gold Package
  •  Twelve American metropolitan cities on a 24/7 basis
  •  Chose twelve different profiles and resumes per city
  •  Resume distribution to Profile input Employment Depositories
  •  Resume distribution to E-mail Employment Depositories
  •  Resume distribution to Career Employment Websites

The Gold Package is one of our popular plans.  The Gold Package provides a premium version of the service at a monthly price of $79.99.  The Gold Package allows the job seeker to send resumes to job located in 12 Metropolitan Cities and two resumes.   If canceled in the first three days, the charge is $2.  After three days there is no refund, and the service ends at the end of the month the service was canceled.

The job seeker can pick any eight metropolitan cities from the United States, and WMR will do the rest: Locate the employment ads and distribute your profile and resume. The monthly premium can be paid by a credit card, a debit card, a checking account card, or by a checking account. If the job seeker wants to save additional money, the quarterly package, semi–annual package, or the annually package can be paid at a lower overall cost. For instance, the 12 months Gold Package is $704.00 instead of $959.88 for a total savings of $255.88. This represents a total savings of about 25 percent over paying monthly.   

The Gold Package is truly designed for the person who needs to find a job in another city and potentially relocate to that city.  Also, the job seeker can start with the Gold Package and later on upgrade to the premier premium package reaching out to even more cities with more resumes and cover letters.

The Gold Package gives the opportunity to the job seeker to review the web site at any time of the day 24/7 on a self- serve basis. The web site will report to the job seeker the exact time, employment post, and company that the job seeker resume and other documents (if provided) were e-mailed to the employer looking for employment help. The exact time of the e-mail that was provided along with the link to the employment post will help the job seeker research the job post when the company contacts the job seeker for a phone interview and/or a face to face follow up interview. In addition, the web site will report if the employment ad was posted by a company, a temporary agency, or a hiring broker. This information gives the job seeker the flexibility to be ready when the employer makes the contact.

Further, the WMR portal will have the companies’ website in which WMR manually placed the job seekers profile, resume, and special documents along with the job numbers or postings that the profile was placed. This function will help the job seeker by associating his/her profile with every job with which the job seeker is qualified.  

The final aspect of the Gold Package is the ability of the job seeker to upgrade to search for jobs in additional cities and two resumes.  Because the more employment job ads that the job seeker can associate with his/her, the better the probability that the job seeker will obtain a job. The Gold Package is a flexible plan that can be converted to a premium package that will contain more than 12 cities to associate the job seeker’s profile and resume to open positions. The package upgrade gives the job seeker the ability to cover more cities, and increase the probability of landing a job.

Monthly Quarterly Semi Annual Annually
$79.99 $210.97 $350.65 $704.00