I wanted a job in the technical sector of writing SQL codes. But because of my age, It’s been very hard to get a good interview. I contacted webmyresume because a friend heard their ad on the Christian radio station one Sunday morning.

Daniel is a very smart person, but very hard to get along because he wants a very narrow resume that has details. After working on the resume the way Daniel wanted it, webmyresume found me a job in the gas industry after three weeks. I used their two Dollar plan.

Mike K

I needed a job, and I answered the Beta Trial ads at the Backpage site in Houston. They (meaning the trio of Daniel, his son, and an Indian Student) traveled to Houston to talk to me and my wife. I was broke because I have been out of a job since the start of 2009. I had to borrow money to meet with them at the Four Seasons located at the Gallerias. But I am so happy that I meet them.

They cut up my resume into pieces, and rewrote my resume with bullet points, dates, and job functions. I told them I did not have any money what so ever, and they were fine with that. After nine weeks with webmyresume, I found a job doing a PM job without the title in the financial industry. The job is paying around 80K yearly, but I finally have a job!

Patrick G

From the very beginning, I just could not get along with Daniel because he speaks very loud. Daniel wanted a resume with bullet points and specific dates and job functions. After four months, Daniel and his group delivered the job that I was looking for. And I found out why Daniel has a very loud voice. Daniel cannot hear from his left ear due to his past. My deepest apologies to Daniel. And I recommend webmyresume. Try the two Dollar plan as that was what I used.

Carlos Gutierrez

I had a job in nine weeks after using webmyresume. I relocate from Commerce, Texas to Seattle, WA. I am happy with their services. It was a bit costly since I use the International plan. But it worked out very well. All I had to do was answer my e-mails and phone calls.

Richard Aiken

I had problems! I had several employers contact me about several job positions that webmyresume reply for me, and I was caught off guard. Eventually, I contacted Daniel Goldberg, and he explained the process to me from the end to end. I am lucky because I graduated with a BS in Math and a MS in Computer Science. I landed a job offer in New York City within six weeks of using their services. I will use them again because their technology works.

Kelly D Williams

I was at the local coffee shop located in North Dallas Tollway and the Gallerias. I heard the trio talking about the test results, and the Indian fellow reach out to me for my opinion since my head was spinning overhearing the guys talk about the service.

He signed my son for the Gold Service, and I am happy to announce my son obtain fifteen good employment leads. And my son is moving to Laredo, Texas to work for an international trading broker.

Thank you to the Trio!

David Thomas Cox

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It was costly since I was using their international plan. But I got the job I wanted just by answering my phone and e-mails.

John Picardo Turner

I was hungry for a job; I was hungry for anything. I have been laid off for two years.

I overheard a teenager talking to his parents about the results of his beta trial, and that is how I join the services of webmyresume.

I reached out to the couple and their very bright son, and they signed me up for the Gold service free of charge.

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I am glad I was at their favorite coffee shop because I was at the very end of my savings. And I am very surprise they found me the job during the Great Recession at the pay I was looking for.

Ben Murphy de Haus

I signed up for the international plan, and I had good results.

Webmyresume shop my resume to three cities: Paris, Strasbourg, and Toulouse in France since I am a US Citizen and my family is located outside Paris city limits.

Webmyresume found me five good interviews within three months from the day I signed up for the service.

I think I could have done the same if I would have the time to sit in front of my computer and read every ad and answered every job posting, but for the time that I saved, the money was well worth it.

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Ganesh Saxena

Because I did not have the time during the day to read and respond to every employment solicitation in Craigslist and other websites, I signed up for the Platinum service.

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