Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission ofWebMyResume is to make a job search easier faster and cheaper for the average job seeker while providing a profit to its stakeholders.

WebMyResume (WMR) is a data distribution company that transports professional profiles, resumes, or Curricula Vitaefrom the World Wide Web into the hands of employers. The purpose of WebMyResume is to automate and accelerate the process currently used by most job seekers in locating likely jobs and sending those employers information identifying them as candidates for those open positions.  

Whereas an individual might be able to find and apply for as many as a dozen positions in a day, this automated service can match the credentials of the job seeker to potentially hundreds of positions in only a matter of a few minutes by identifying those jobs appearing to match the job seeker.   A job seeker can submit a greater number of job applications more quickly with WMR. Further, WMR is able to find many more open positions than a job seeker, even if one allows additional time for a job seeker to perform the search.

WMR recognized that employment applications initially received by a prospective employer are generally given first consideration for an open position. The service offered by WMR results in the placement of a job seeker’s resume in line before those of other candidates performing a manual search, because WMR’s search program is far quicker at identifying open positions and matching them to the job seeker’s credentials.  Thus, the job seeker gets more contacts with potential employers than could be done through his or her own manual efforts.

WebMyResume also saves the average job seeker money by limiting opportunity costs and increasing the likelihood of finding that next job in a much shorter amount of time than would have been the case without WebMyResume.

Having engaged in job searches in the past, the members of the WebMyResume management team appreciate the value of time and are cognizant of the mental, emotional and physical toll that a job search imposes upon a person.  At its core, WebMyResume reads almost every employment ad in over 5,000 job sites, matches the resumes of job seekers to the employment announcements which match their profile, and delivers the appropriate resume to the right employers so quickly that it could happen within seconds of the employment advertisement having been posted on the World Wide Web.

The WebMyResume job transporter tool facilitates the passage of a job seeker’s resumes to specific employment positions only when the job hunter has a positive 95.4499736% statistical match. It is in this way that WebMyResume reduces the time, money and effort which a job seeker would otherwise consume in securing a job interview.