• If you are anything like us, you are more likely thinking:

    “They have a good idea, but how are they going to show me that I am being posted to thousands of jobs daily.”

    For every job that Webmyresume posts your resume to be a candidate, there will be a trail of digital prints that are left behind.

    It is in these digital prints that we will verify ourselves.

    We will open for you an e-mail account with, or any other e-mail account that you wish from the major free e-mail depositories. And webmyresume will use this e-mail account to send out your resume to the hiring companies and agents, and to verify our work, you may look at your e-mail sent box. You will be able to see the job solicitations that we tender for you on a live basis: Every second 24/7. The send box will record the e-mails that were e-mail to the employers in your behalf. This method of resume webbing is usually done when the help wanted ad is asking for the employment candidate to e-mail his or her profile along with a cover letter and any other documentation needed for review by the hiring companies or agents extending the help wanted ad.

    In addition, when your employment profile is created on the hiring company’s employment career websites by Webmyresume, and when the profile was submitted to a particular job offering, the hiring companies will tender you an e-mail confirmation for the job candidacy that was placed in their data systems. We call this type of job webbing:Career Employment Websites. In other words, at any time, you may look at your e-mail inbox for confirmation of jobs that your profile was summited for, and you may look at your sent box for confirmation of sent e-mails for job solicitations that your profile was summited for websites similar to Craigslist, Dice, Beyond, Backpage, etc.

    In addition, your phone will be ringing non –stop along with notifications of approval, disapproval and thank you e-notes from the employers. And every second of every day your profile will be summited to new jobs that are posted in the World Wide Web. So, if you are looking for hard concrete proof that your profile is being web to the hiring companies, you will have access to your sent e-mail box, and your phone and e-mail in-box will have the proof of service.

    Try us, Webmyresume will get you that interview that you are looking for in order to showcase your traits.

    So, the question is the following: What are you waiting for?