How We Do it

How We Do it

Webmyresume webbing technology is based on a simple logarithm techniques created by Texas A&M Universities Graduate Students. By using key index worlds and using Procedural languages ( Cobol, Fortran, Algol, PL/1, Basic, C ) and Object-oriented programming ( Simula, Smalltalk, C+++, Eiffell and Java ), is able to read every job solicitation announcement in selected 5000 Web employment sites (and growing), and reply to the job ad via an e-mail that the electronic communication will contain your resume, cover letter, college transcripts, or any other information that may be needed or that you want to send to the owner of the job offering in which your profile statistically matches the job offering. Since the replies to the job advertisements are send by an e-mail, the e-mail will have your e-mail as the sender address and originator of the message, and the hiring companies will not know that Webmyresume technologies are responding to the job posting in your behalf. But in fact, Webmyresume technology center is sending out the information for you while you are having your life back.

That is to say, Webmyresume will input your profile in our servers, and webmyresume technologies will start searching selected job hiring billboards as Craigslist, Monsters, Backpage, icruchdata, and other similar websites for job announcements that fit exactly your profile, skills, and traits. Then, Webmyresume will reply to the job solicitations with your resume, transcripts, and other documents within seconds of the employment announcement being displayed in the World Wide Web, and every day after the initial posting of your resume, Webmyresume will look for new job solicitation offerings located in the billboards of Craigslist,,, Adecco, and 5000 additional job websites and companies and redo the process again, again, and again until you find a job.

However, a few hiring agents of the multinational corporations will change the “@” sign to alpha words as “to” and manipulate the “.com” to “dot com” or add additional data manipulations or special instructions in the help wanted announcements to eliminate machines from responding to the job solicitation ads. In our business model, this is called the data manipulation, and this type of data manipulation is reflected on 99.7300204% of all the errors we collect in our data center. Webmyresume calls this particular error the “Third Standard Webbing Deviation (3rd SD)”. For this reason, Webmyresume has a team of data entry analyst that will copy, cut, paste, and tender the reply for all of the job solicitations that have the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd standard webbing deviation error. In other words, Webmyresume software will reject a small portion of the job solicitations before being web out due to data manipulation reasons.

For this small portion of job solicitations, has a team of data entry analysis that will 1) Read all the instructions as mandated by the job posting or search engine; 2) Personally input the data for you into the employment application; 3) Copy, paste, and attach your resume, cover letter, and academic transcripts before responding to the job solicitation in your behalf.

Webmyresume will save time and increase the abilities of the job seeker to reach out to every company that is hiring, and best of all, eliminate the time drag in answering, posting, and surfing the net for open positions. Webmyresume will do it all for you for a small fee. Try us! You will love the results of having free time in your hands while having the hiring managers reaching out to you.