You don’t. You will be using our patent technologies that will send your resume, your profile and college transcripts to the target hiring manager. The hiring gods will then respond to the e-mail in your resume..

We will use your e-mail as the username for all the websites that allowed us to do it. Otherwise, we will make up a user name that has your surname, last name, and combination of both, and e-mail that information to you afterward on a life basis.

Some websites will ask for a weird password that contain the symbol of “@” or “#” on the password; we will created the password for you.

Some websites will ask for your mother’s maiden name, your first pets’ name, your first car model and make, your high school favorite activity, your first kiss, your past time, your best sport, and so on. We will ask you for such information that we need from you via our initial phone, e-mail, or skype meeting. Or, we will make up the information for you so we can register you to the website, and e-mail you the information.

Either way, we will forward the website address, the user name we used, the password we used, all the information needed so you can log in to the website and monitor your progress to your e-mail address as soon as we created your profile.

You could, but you will be locking Webmyresume servers and data analyst from webbing your resume. Remember, the jobs are added every second of every minute of our earth days; hence, our technologies are always data mining to input your profile to new jobs on the World Wide Web and all websites that we enter your resume.

For example, Webmyresume works as a grape vine. We will placed the seed (your profile) on the employer’s career centers, and Webmyresume will let the vine grow. And when Webmyresumes sees a new seed (job solicitation), we will input your profile to that job solicitation as soon as our server reads the data. Hence, by changing the password and username, you are not allowing our technologies and our data analyst eyes in doing the work you paid us to do: Register your profile for that job.

Yes it is. You are giving us power of attorney to tender your profile to every job (that you qualify for) on the World Wide Web.

We are not staffing agents, job broker, hiring managers or head hunters. We are just moving the flow of data from one empty black hole in the internet to a useful point of purpose. That is, we just move data from point “A” to point “B” as many times as possible per second.

Your information is secured in our data servers

We cannot comment on any third parties efforts to safe guard any data. But, usually the major companies and the micro enterprises secure the data that they obtain from the job applicants. But you will receive a job confirmation from each job that we have posted your profile. You can read the e-mail confirmation of the third party in question and ask them the question you need to know about your data being safe and secured. But your data profile is safe in our servers.

Please look at the price sheet. Our prices will increase as we grow, but which ever price you contracted with us, you will be grandfather to that price: FOR EVER!

Your account number is your e-mail that we created for you. If you keep this e-mail active, you will always be grandfather to the price you were contracted for the rest of our human life.

Yes we do. For Senior citizens, we give a 20% discount. For veterans we give you 20% discount as well after the first month free. That is, you get the first month free and then 20% discount on our services. For college students, no, we do not have a discount since we give a 20% discount to all non for profit entities. That is, if the service is paid by a non for profit organization (church, school, government entity quasi corporation, or University), we will tender the 20% discounts.

The Corporation was incorporated in the Great State of Texas by a group of ex mortgage brokers whom decided to return to graduate school to be able to eat during the start of the Great Recession that was created by the Great American experiment of November 2008. One party was so bruised up he returned to Texas A&M Universities by begging to be admitted; he ending up graduating with a Masters in Economics, a Master in Business Administration, and a Master in Marketing along the way in co-founding this idea. According, the headquarters are located in the Dallas Metroplex area were we have our computer programmers, bean counters, and our shark legal mechanics looking at each other trying to figure out why they did not come up with this idea before he did!

We study 10,000 candidates from the introduction of the Basel II Financial Treaty (June 2006) that started the Great Recession of 2008 to August 11, 2011 that used our services for webbing purposes.

We did not charge the candidates any money what so ever, and hence, we think our data is solid and strong.

Hence, Webmyresume.com has over whelming evidence that the job applicants which are willing to relocate, willing to accept a modest haircut on the wages, and are the first to answer to the job postings will retain an employment offer within four months of our service due to the overwhelming surplus of labor in the market and the majority of the employment positions are being offer online in today’s economic model.

In other words, there is a lack of communication between the micro enterprises and the American masses. A lack of information needed on the grand scale of communicating the jobs being offered and the human capital that can fill the job being offered. This lack of communication is the void that Webmyresume.com is completing by providing data analytics to the American population.

During the Great Recession, everybody got affected in some way or fashion or you knew of a party that was affected by the Recession. The group study of 10,000 candidates need to be followed and study again to be able to understand the numbers, as all studies are not final. But our study is final as of August 13, 2011.

However, the trends within the study are valid. If the job applicant is willing to relocate and take a salary haircut and have the required skills of MS Word, Power Point, Excel programming, accounting, finance, engineering, speak two languages, good credit, no criminal history, and young, the macro companies will hire that person in a heart second; otherwise, the micro enterprises are hiring the rejects. But the job candidate needs to find the micro enterprise that is hiring as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the majority (almost to the 3rd stands deviation scale) of jobs are being posted on line.

Yes you can, but our analyst can help you better by e-mailing your questions to:questions@webmyresume.com

If we cannot answer your questions via e-mail, we will give you a direct number to talk to the analyst that is handling your profile. We want to make sure you have all of the information you need; then, we will set up a time spot so you may call the analyst that will answers all of your questions at once.

e-mail us your question or questions. We will answer all of your questions.

Please read the get started section. We can help you find that job by providing you with the information from the employment black hole.

At this point, our programmers are extremely busy working overtime, and when Webmyresume starts hiring again, we will reach out to the non for profit universities grad students and post our employment ads on line for the season human capital that is needed at such time.

We cannot guarantee you the hiring agents will hire you, but Webmyresume can guarantee your resume will be market to all of the open positions that you qualify for on certain employment sites and major corporations.

Yes.You need to send us a cancellation notice to the following address:


No you cannot transfer your account to your best friend.

We will refund you any money due to the credit card that was charged, and you may do as you wish.

Yes, that’s an international plan.

Any person can use our services; however, please be upfront about your work status with all of the hiring agents.

We accept paypal and the major credit cards. If you only have cash or checks, please use Paypal.


We will post your question and send you the answer via e-mail. Please give us two business days.