About Us

About Us

A little insight about WebMyResume People

WebMyResume is a data service created to assist unemployed Americans return to the workforce. Our founder, Daniel Goldberg, realized the necessity of such a helpful tool during his graduate studies at Texas A&M Commerce School of Business. Many others, from grad students to professors, soon realized the novelty and the necessity of such a tool, and sought to work in aiding Daniel with pushing the idea forward. Listed below are short bios of some of the people committed to helping you find meaningful employment.

Daniel Moises Goldberg

Daniel Goldberg graduated from Texas Tech University in 1991 with a Bachelor Degree in International Economics. Goldberg worked in Mexico City, Mexico. He later returned to the United States and entered the mortgage industry as a broker. Goldberg’s experience with the mortgage industry includes packaging mortgage loans, administrating the business work flow, and creating niches in how to stream the process for a better result. Goldberg graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a MS in Economics (2011), Masters in Business Administration (2012), MS in Marketing (2013), and a MS in Management (2015). Presently, Goldberg works for a Bank administrating the work flow process, and Goldberg is trying to earn his PHD.

Benito Portillo

Benito Portillo graduated from Harvard University in 1967 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. He later obtained his Juris Doctor from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico with a focus in Mexican Labor Law. Portillo is a partner in a major law firm in Mexico DF, Mexico, and represents American clients before the Mexican Patent Bar in Mexico City, Mexico.

Magnolia Ortiz

Magnolia Ortiz graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in 1994, concentrating her study on the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Hague Convention. She was a partner with Seguros.com, PFS Insurance, and Mortgages Para Hispanos. She is currently attending Texas A&M – Commerce. Ortiz currently represents several multinational companies doing business in Mexico City.

Karthick Moorthy

Karthick Moorthy graduated from the Anna University located in Chennai, India in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communications, and Karthick earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2015. Moorthy is an expert in data automation using Java, SQL, and other languages& tools in order to extract data sets. Mr. Moorthy created Webmyresume Logical Design and helped developed the Physical Design, and he is co-responsible for the effective operations of the website. Karthick intends to earn his MBA in automation in the near future in order to pursue his career in the field of web and application development.

Andrew Martinez

Andrew Martinez is a Junior Student at Forney High School who assisted Daniel Goldberg with the genesis of WebMyResume. Andrew visited Europe in the summer of 2014 with his History Class, and Andrew is schedule to return in the near future. Andrew is planning to attend Law School in Mexico City, Mexico after graduation to study the North American Free Trade Agreement commercial law with concentration in taxation automation. In addition, Andrew is coding his 2nd concept RapidLunches.com and looking for investors while working as a Barista at a local coffee shop.

Paul Downey

Paul Downey graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He entered the mortgage industry as a junior loan originator, and worked with Daniel Goldberg until 2010, when he made the decision to return to law school. He graduated with both a J.D. and an M.B.A. from St. Mary’s University in 2013, with a concentration in business and taxation law. He passed the July Texas Bar Examination and received his license to practice law in Texas. He then entered Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University in the fall of 2013 to begin working towards his LL.M. in Taxation, which he completed in May 2014. While in the program, he took and passed the Pennsylvania Bar Examination, and is now licensed in Pennsylvania as well. Additionally, he is now licensed before the United States Tax Court.

Felipe Rodolfo Tallabs Salazar

Felipe Tallabs graduated from the Tecnológico de Monterrey with a Bio Chemical Engineering Degree (1970) and a Master in Business Administration (1981). Tallabs has worked for several Multinational Corporations in creating corporate chartering in Mexico: Specifically, new product or services corporations. Felipe Tallabs is in charge in mapping the Webmyresume logic in the Republic of Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

The Hidden Professor

Due to the current government regulations, the professor that help guide the WMR business logic can not be mentioned. However, the professor is a STEM academia associate that holds a PHD from an American University, and the professor is part of this start up.